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Wedding Guide

                      Indicators of the Best Wedding Planner You Need to Hire


The kind of a wedding planner you hire would determine how successful your wedding would be. Some weddings in some places have failed to meet the couple's goals because of working with a wedding planner who is not qualified enough. When choosing a wedding planner, it is good to be careful and considerate in some aspects. To begin with, you need to find out if the wedding planner has planned some other weddings before. If they have been professional weddings planners for other couples, they should prove through photos of the weddings they organized. A wedding planner who has been in the industry for some years knows what should be done when planning a particular type of wedding.


You need also to find out from the wedding planner if they would stick to your wedding on that day or if they would have some other weddings to attend. Where possible, don't hire a wedding planner who has about two weddings to handle in one day. It may not be possible for the wedding planner to focus on your wedding when they have another wedding to manage the same day. Some people hire a wedding planner only to find that they send someone else to plan your wedding as they plan another one. Look for more facts about weddings at


Now that you may have chosen a classy venue probably one of your cream venues, it is good to find out if the wedding planner at is familiar with it. It starts with you mentioning the venue to the wedding planner to see if they would know something about it. For a wedding planner who is experienced enough, it would be easier for them to know most of the venues in the area where weddings take place. If you find the wedding planner doesn't understand the venue, you should go there with them so that they can know how to organize reception there.


Find out also if the wedding planner at is good in organizing the suppliers. For your wedding to be successful, you would require several suppliers to supply different things meant for the big day. If these suppliers are not managed properly, there would be some problems during the wedding day. The main role of the wedding planner is to coordinate the suppliers such that they would work harmoniously to achieve a common goal. It is also important to find out if the wedding planner has the right communication skills. See if they would be willing to update you on the changes whenever they occur.